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Shorea Wood

Shorea hardwood

Super Garden Furniture selected Shorea hardwood to used in the manufacturing of many of our outdoor furniture products including the adirondack chair, patio furniture and more. Shorea is known by many different names of which the most commonly recognized is the Philippine Mahogany.

The alluringly-named "Philippine Mahogany" sold in North America is not a mahogany at all, but actually a mixture of woods from the genus Shorea .

Shorea is a tropical hardwood recognized as the most valuable industry hardwood in the world, bar the influence of teak, which shares its many great properties. Shorea is comparable to Teak in many ways. Shorea is a dense heavy hardwood that has a high oil content similar to teak which makes it not only naturally resistant to rotting, but water just rolls off it making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

Also highly resistant to bug infestation, this heavy wood has a remarkable ability to withstand the effects of harsh dry summers, cold snowy winters, rain downpours, and even gusty wind. If left untreated Shorea weathers naturally to a beautiful silver gray (the color of antique drift wood).

While teak is still quite popular Shorea has been successfully fulfilling the needs of construction specialists around the world for many years. The woods are remarkably similar, except in a few very important areas:

  • Shorea can be painted where as teak will not hold a paint due to its higher oil content.
  • Shorea is a bit less expensive than teak making it more affordable than teak
  • Shorea is a plentiful renewable resource unlike teak which is an endangered hardwood

Shorea has been providing for many years a great reliable source of hardwood characterized by the flexibility of being suitable for several different industries. Matched with incredible strength and durability, the crucial factor which makes Shorea an economically viable solution is its plentiful existence.

With literally hundreds of species, shorea hardwoods are abundant in nature and can be found across much of South East Asia . They remain a key export for the economy and have long since provided poorer nations such as Indonesia a highly sought after method of income without destroying old growth forests that provide natural habitats for today's limited wildlife.

There are strict regulations regarding the harvesting of shorea. Thanks to the sanctioning and the FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) forestry regulations Shorea is not an endangered hardwood.

Due to the impressive strength of the timber, shorea is classified as a Group A heavy hardwood. There are very few timbers which can lay claim to being as downright tough as the tropical hardwood, and shorea is thus the leading hardwood in the veneering industry with quickly growing popularity in other wood industries.

Through prolonged weathering without treatment some surface roughness may develop but over time the natural weather process will stabilize. Some small cracks or fissures may appear but these are only on the surface and in no way affect the structural integrity or strength of the wood.


uper Garden Furniture/MDK is proud to be an FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) board member as well as SCS (Scientific certification Systems of California) certified: FSC-SECR-0036. When you buy products from us you know you are helping our planet by supporting responsible renewable forestry industries.

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