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Super Garden Furniture selected Neyatoh hardwood to be used in the manufacturing of many of our outdoor furniture products including the outdoor dining furniture, patio sets and more. Neyatoh is a strong tropical hardwood that is commonly used for outdoor furniture making it ideal for outdoor living and entertaining guests.

Nyatoh is similar to the distinctive teak coloring, although teak is a bit more golden. Nyatoh weathers to grey if left unfinished, although its original color can be maintained by periodic applications of teak or similar finishes.

While nyatoh shares many similar characteristics of teak including; weathers well out of doors, is strong and resists wear, denting and marring, it has a significant advantage in that it will take a stain or paint finish better than teak.

When treated with appropriate preservatives, nyatoh  shows great durability. Lasting from 12 to 50 years depending on the maintenance and quality of the treatment.

Nyatoh is a very popular timber for furniture and solid door. Other uses include: flooring, decking, staircase, rafters, door and window frames, ship and boat building, tool handles (impact), and of course patio furniture and adirondack chairs.

Nyatoh is quite dense like teak which makes it quite resistant to shock and it is extremely hard wearing. Because of the strength of this wood we are able to create beautiful outdoor dining furniture sets without the bulky thickness of lesser woods. Even without the thicker bulk they exceed the strength of cedar or many other outdoor furniture wood species.

Through prolonged weathering without treatment some surface roughness may develop but over time the natural weather process will stabilize. Some small cracks or fissures may appear but these are only on the surface and in no way affect the structural integrity or strength of the wood.

Nyatoh is not an endangered wood species and is FSC certified as a renewable wood source without destroying old growth forests.


Super Garden Furniture/MDK is proud to be an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) board member as well as SCS (Scientific certification Systems of California) certified: FSC-SECR-0036. When you buy products from us you know you are helping our planet by supporting responsible renewable forestry industries.

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